Universe of Dominique Choumiloff

A caught look ... no escape
Joyful explosion of colour masterfully balanced .
Powerful composition of surfaces ... emphasized by  lines of force .
Scarification with delicate pattern
for still life or landscapes .
All in quiet intimacy .

Interiors               Matisse inspired  Cubism ,
                              Table and objects in their expressive stylization pose
                              as if waiting .
                              Presence , at times with a cat skech .
                              Embracing warmth , certainty of life .

Landscapes         Patchwork of fields
                              Close to abstraction .
                              Hovering flight over the land .
                              Expression of grass , branches ,
                              fanciful trees in Alechinsky predella 
                              Sketches of sky far away .
                               Serene , timeless lands
                              Imaginative space to enable
                              listening more to oneself .

               Annie Bonnet              18.7.2015